5 Questions with Dr Baxter

5 Questions with Dr. Baxter and It

Q: How did you erupt, and what are your actual powers?

Baxter: I erupted during a fight with my former employer. It’s a long story. I was working in a Utopia facility as a medical research facility. We were working on a revolutionary serum that would greatly enhance human regeneration call Project: Phoenix. It would have changed battle field triage, emergency rooms, hell… even your everyday first aid kit. I managed to stumble across a serum that appeared to work in lab rats, and I felt it was ready for human testing. So I approached the research director with my findings. He promptly told me no, we weren’t ready and that I should go back and check my formulas. Two weeks later, the director is suddenly holding a conference with some higher ups from the Pentagon, claiming that my serum was his and that they would be proceeding with human testing the following week. I lost my head. Next thing I know we’re scuffling and I got thrown through the glass case that was holding the experimental serum, not to mention many of the prototype serums, my boss wanted the presentation to look more impressive. They tell me that 30 individuals lost their lives that day. I’m here to tell you that that number is 31.

-Directive Profile: Dr. Donal Baxter
Codename: It

It’s capabilities have yet to be tested to the fullest extent. Initial reports from Eames’s nanites put It’s effective strength as capable of lifting 50 tons without strain. It’s upper limit has not been discovered, as It cannot be reasoned with or controlled for testing. Because of It’s immense strength, It is capable of leaps that, to the untrained eye, would simulate flight. It’s maximum jumping distance has also yet to be determined, though preliminary results estimate a distance of 80 – 100 km in a single leap.

It has shown remarkable resilience to small and heavy arms fire. Coupled with It’s ability to regenerate at exceptionally rapid rates leads this panel to recommend It for engagement with class 4 to 5 targets. Studies of the claw marks left behind by It, show that conventional armor and some advanced alloy armor plating is insufficient protection. As if that is not enough, studies have also shown that It is capable of delivering a powerful neurotoxin designed to incapacitate It’s victims.

Containment Protocol:
It is current fit with a unique form of the containment nanites. These nanites are programs to clamp down on It’s adrenal glands when given a pre-determined signal, effectively causing It to revert to Dr. Baxter. Director Kamarov and The Suit currently hold authorization for this shutdown sequence.

Should It break loose and the nanites prove to be ineffective, It should be stopped with no less than two direct strikes from OMEN. Team Achilles members are advise to not engage without heavy artillery support. Lethal action is authorized.

Q: What was your life like before your eruption?

Baxter: Relatively uneventful. I spent most of my days working at the office, pushing for the next medical break through. Sometimes the other research assistance and I, would go to the local bar and watch the game while throwing a couple back. Sometimes I would get lucky and actually go home with someone. I had a dog named Dog. Creative, I know, I just never got around to giving him a name. He was a good dog though.

I don’t maintain a lot of contact with those in my previous life. Sometimes I’ll talk to an ex of mine, Lisa. She feeds me news from Templeton’s biomedical group. Nothing that would get her in trouble, but just enough to get me on track for a cure.

Q: How did you end up in a Directive prison, and why did you agree to work for the Directive in this program?

Baxter: I was asked to go there after my court hearing. I needed to be kept away from the world at large. This…thing..I turn into is a menace and I need to find a way to stop it. That’s part of the reason I’ve joined up the program. The Directive offered me backing in exchange for assistance in their research projects and my participation on the team, so they set me up with a lab that I can perform my experiments in and put me through boot camp.

Q: What do you do when you’re not on a mission? Any hobbies?

Baxter: I spend a lot of time with my psychologist. He keeps trying to get me to reconcile with myself, whatever that means. I spend a lot of time working out after hours. I feel that the other inmates think I’m a joke, since I’m not a Nova. My first day in I was thrown through some exercise equipment by Mimic, you know one of the ones that escaped. I’ve vowed to not let that happen again. Aside from all that, I spend my time researching a cure for my condition. Despite my protestation, the medical staff here believes me to be a Nova. They won’t be so smug when I produce a cure for my condition.

Q: What is your favorite food?

IT: *sniff**sniff* It hungry…you smell like food

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5 Questions with Dr Baxter

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